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Incorporating Alberta sourced Ammolite in to my work was a challenge initially. I had always avoided using natural elements because it felt as though I were taking away from the nature that I hoped my work would inspire others to cherish and protect. Through my own research and conversation with Alberta Fossil Family I learned that encapsulating ammolite is not only the best way to preserve it, but also the best way to showcase its unmatched diversity and brilliance. 


From initial experiments through to the development of larger scale pieces it has proven to be an ideal marriage. The fine resin proved to be the ideal at displaying the Alberta Ammolite’s luminosity. Also, having the unique ability of maintaining fluid qualities as a solid. Each rock is hand-cast in resin and finished before positioning it in the composition. Each piece consists of three to five layers. Each layer consisting of three to five unique tints of resin. Manipulating these tints creates depth and movement that becomes stationary as it solidifies. The viewers movement animates the art and the Ammolite as the way light absorbs and refractions evolve. This encounter is reminiscent of the fleeting natural experiences that reveal hidden treasures the earth has gifted us.

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